Justizpalast and Justizcafe (Vienna)

While not exactly a tourist attraction, the Justizpalast (Palace of Justice, the seat of the Austrian Supreme Court) is an architectural gem that is accessible by the public in Vienna’s Inner Ring. Best of all, their top floor cafeteria, Justizcafe, has outdoor seating and fantastic views.

When you arrive, you must go through security but then you’re free to explore. Immediately past security is their main floor lobby, which is grand in a way that only seems fitting for Vienna.

Vienna Palace of Justice main lobby

We intentionally arrived at lunchtime, so we headed straight to Justizcafe. To get there, take the elevator to the 5th floor and then across from the elevator doors is a short set of stairs that will lead you to the canteen (signage is clear, lift available for wheelchairs).

The space itself is light and airy, but really you’re there for the view. There’s no need to order anything, although it’s a nice place to take a break with coffee or dessert.

I went with one of their 3 course lunches: tomato soup, traditional Viennese boiled beef (tafelspitz) with creamed spinach and potatoes, and a dessert cup. It was €11,50 for the meal pictured, a great price for lunch in Vienna, although I think I would have been happier with a different main.

Vienna Justizcafe indoor seatingJustizcafe set lunch menuWien Justizcafe 3 course lunchJustizcafe main lunch dish

It was raining during our visit so we grabbed seats indoors by the window. There is a good amount of outdoor seating for better weather days.

View from Justizcafe when rainingVienna Justizcafe outdoor seating

The view is stunning, these photos don’t do it justice. While not the best rooftop view in Vienna, I’m willing to bet it’s the best free, publicly-accessible view of the area.

View from JustizcafeVienna Justizpalast Palace of Justice view from canteen

After we finished taking in the view, we wandered and marveled at the Palace of Justice interior. Definitely worth a visit if you’re a fan of stately buildings and fantastic views in Vienna’s Innere Stadt.

Vienna towards entrance with clockVienna Supreme CourtJustizpalast 22 Mai 1881


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