Tourist Me Dining Out in Halifax & Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Ace Burger

Rushed to Ace Burger in hunger and it did not disappoint. I had the deluxe burger ($9, tax included on their menu prices) that included PEI cheddar and bacon because I typically order the burger that includes bacon, but it was the beef patty and perfect amount of melting sharp cheddar that stood out. Service was friendly, not fast-food-quick but good-food-quick, and I love the low-key atmosphere that exists since it’s located inside Gus’ Pub.

Needed to dive right in, no time for pretty photos…


Black Sheep Restaurant

I walked by the Black Sheep sign and I assumed it was a too-hip-for-me bar, and it is, but it also serves brunch seven days a week, which had me quite excited. The layout is slightly odd, but not necessary in a bad way, just take a few seconds to pick your seat if you have a choice. I ordered the breakfast poutine ($12.50), which contains chicken gravy, a good portion of delicious bacon even though you can’t really tell from the photo, and two eyes (re: eggs).


John’s Lunch

I headed to John’s Lunch after walking the Dartmouth Harbourfront Trail between the two ferry terminals. The place is small but there are a few booths and it is family-friendly, which I can attest to because there were families dining there during my visit. I ordered the clams and haddock tips combo that included coleslaw and fries ($17.25 for an overflowing plate). There’s a lot of batter to deal with but there is goodness inside. Only the seafood/meat is homemade (fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce, etc is packaged/frozen) but that didn’t bothered me, it sort of adds to the quick-stop (food arrives fast) friendly diner vibe. I feel like this is a place to visit to build memories more than it is about the food.

Accepts cash and debit, no credit.


The Old Apothecary Bakery & Cafe

My favourite from TOA Bakery is the chocolate croissant bread pudding, but you’ll only find it when there were unsold croissants the day before, and that’s not common. I loved all the baked goods and drinks I tried but most of all I love the bright, colourful, quirky, large space. I only wish they were open evenings.


Efendy Turkish & Mediterranean Grill

Every bite was flavoured just right at Efendy. I ordered the chicken kebab lunch special ($10.99), a common dish but it was everything I needed to fulfill some Turkish cravings. I ate at another Turkish restaurant while in Halifax and Efendy was the superior by far. Efes Pilsener is available to round out your meal!


Evan’s Seafood Restaurant

Want to eat on the waterfront? Take in the view of Halifax from Evan’s Seafood Restaurant. In Dartmouth, but at the ferry terminal, so in good weather you’re only a short, calm, beautiful ferry ride away from downtown Halifax. The very lightly battered Digby scallops and crispy chips ($16) were just about perfect.

Order at the counter, they’ll bring your dishes and anything else you need to the table. We couldn’t enjoy the outdoor seating because it rained heavily earlier in the day. Good for lunch or an early dinner (closes early).


Edna Restaurant

I’m the type of person that will google the heck out of a city before visiting and if there’s one restaurant that dominates “must eat” lists for Halifax, it’s Edna. There was a short wait when we arrived for brunch, which we expected, so we added our names to the list and took the opportunity to shop at the awesome The Independent Mercantile Company just a few doors over.

At Edna I ordered the Sweet & Salty and it’s one of the best brunch dishes I’ve ever eaten. Bacon, juicy sausages bursting with flavour and maple butter between fluffy ricotta pancakes and topped with an egg. This dish left me wishing I could visit Edna every week.


The Bicycle Thief

I actually “saved” The Bicycle Thief for our last day lunch so we would end our trip on a yummy seafood note. It has great reviews and is located in a prime tourist spot, which is not that common of a combo. I ordered two starters, the yellowfin tuna tartare with avocado, sesame, cucumber spaghetti, pickled ginger, and wasabi cream ($14) and their mussels sautéed with tomato, garlic, basil pesto, and white wine ($10). I savoured every bite of the tuna tartare since all the ingredients were fresh and worked fantastically well together.

The setting was nice although I wouldn’t describe it as comfortable and the service was mixed. It was slow—I could hear our waitress struggling to answer questions at three other tables as we were waiting to place our order—and overall service felt disorganized. We encountered one friendly, forthcoming, knowledgeable waiter, but he wasn’t covering our table. However, I’ll give the waitstaff a break because it must not be easy when you’re fielding questions and requests from table after table of tourists.

The wine list is a gem and they have a Propeller beer on tap named Bombetta that’s made just for The Bicycle Thief and their family of restaurants.


And then there was…

I had a lot of scrumptious meals and snacks in Halifax and I didn’t always take out my camera. Some advice without photos:

  1. On Saturday or Sunday eat lunch at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market. Bring cash and get ready to choose between so many mighty fine options.
  2. All year round Halifax is all about the beer. Check out a few of the local breweries and order local drafts when you’re about town.
  3. Oatcakes. Eat oatcakes. Feel free to send me oatcakes.
  4. My favourite meal in Halifax was at Two Doors Down. Lively, awesome drink menu, the friendliest service I had in an extremely friendly city, and food I couldn’t recommend enough!

5 thoughts on “Tourist Me Dining Out in Halifax & Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

  1. I have been to John’s Lunch a few times and they do have great food. It looks like I will have to ad the other restaurants you posted to my list and check them out! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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