Three Picks for Ice Cream in Halifax, NS

My picks to fill those ice cream craving in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Black Bear Ice Cream

FB, Yelp

Location: On the waterfront, between the ferry terminal and the BeaverTails stand.
Flavour: Moon mist (banana, grape, bubble gum).
Order: Double chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich ($4.50). I’d go with a regular cone next time.
Service: Super friendly but there was only one person working on a sunny Saturday in May. I’m sure they’ll add more staff as tourist season picks up.

Lining up in the sunshine after getting off the ferry from Dartmouth with the anticipation of ice cream was honestly a joy. Moon mist is light and refreshing, like an east coast wind on a warm sunny day. Moon mist is an east coast specialty, which made it the perfect flavour to order for this visitor.

Halifax Harbourfront from ferry

View of the Halifax Harbourfront from the ferry. You can spot the stalls next to the tall ship.

DeeDee’s, Yelp, FB

Location: 5668 Cornwallis Street. I dropped in between visits to the Halifax Citadel and the home of 93 year old Gus at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. The more famous location is at Peggy’s Cove.
Flavours: Mexican chocolate and ? (something with blackcurrant)
Order: Single scoop in a waffle cone ($4.40).
Service: Friendly and patient. I was happy to find out I could pick two flavours when ordering one scoop.

The Mexican chocolate was spot on. It has the right amount of kick without being overwhelming. It dominated the second flavour I picked, both a good and bad thing.

Dee Dee’s is a cute North End shop where I could have spent the afternoon and the burritos smelled awesome!

Halifax Dee Dee's ice cream waffle cone

Fox Hill Cheese House, Yelp

Location: Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market.
Flavour: Melon cantaloupe gelato.
Order: Single scoop in a cup ($3.00).
Service: Service is quick on weekends and weekdays and staff was great at answering questions. I also picked up chocolate milk and Burrow’s Bounty four year old cheddar. Waffle cones are made on-site!

Creamy, which I love. Creamy, like their 4% milk. Creamy, leaving you no doubt that this is a well made rich dessert.

The melon cantaloupe is a great flavour, which I haven’t had before as a gelato. It really did taste like melon and cantaloupe!

For flavour, texture, price, (waffle making scent!) and location, this is my top pick for ice cream in Halifax.

You can enjoy it on while you’re shopping the many stalls open during the weekend, exploring the Harbourwalk, or taking in the view from one of the lookout points at the Seaport Farmers’ Market.

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market 3rd floor seating

The 3rd floor of the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, a great place to enjoy your ice cream.

Notable Mentions

  • Cows: I skipped this because there’s a location much closer to home but their waffle cones are always great and their cow puns are always worth a read.
  • Humani-T Cafe: I visited their downtown Halifax location (lots of seating and a great place to take a break) but I opted for coffee instead of gelato. My friend had their affogato with salted caramel gelato, which I do not think she’d recommend.
  • Choco Cafe (Yelp): I simply couldn’t fit this one in but I’ll get there next time!

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