Margaret Island, Budapest

Budapest View from Margaret Bridge

View of the Hungarian Parliament Building from Margaret Bridge, across from the entrance to Margaret Island

On a whim I decided to visit Margaret Island (Margitsziget) after a rushed morning tour of the Hungarian Parliament Building. It is within walking distance and the rain, although it refused to altogether stop, had lightened considerably. Along with ordering grey beef steak at Zeller Bistro and entering an escape game run by Claustrophilia to escape a heavy rain, it was one of my best decisions during my too short a trip to Budapest.

Budapest Margaret Island trees

Margaret Island is beautiful in a way that takes centuries to cultivate. It is the old and new, local and global, cheers erupting from stadiums and water rising from music fountains that somehow works wonderfully together. I was in awe within a few minutes of arriving.

My favourite attractions were the medieval Franciscan ruins and the Japanese Garden. Between the 13th century stones and the turtles I barely knew where to look.

This barely scratches the surface of all there is to see and do on Margaret Island. It’s definitely a destination I would recommend to anyone travelling to Budapest and a place I’ll visit the next time I’m there. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

Budapest Margaret Island from bridge

Margaret Island and Buda from Margaret Bridge


3 thoughts on “Margaret Island, Budapest

  1. Margit Sziget (Margaret Island) is one of my most favourite places in the city of Budapest. I have been living here for almost a year, although I will be leaving soon unfortunately. I love the history and the beauty of this city and Margit Sziget certainly captures it all like you have said. Another place to visit if you’re ever this way again is the Buda Hills area, it seems like you’re worlds away from civilization without even leaving the city!

    • I can see why it would be one of your favourite places in Budapest. There were so many locals jogging, out with their dog or at one of the sports arenas that I absolutely loved the atmosphere. Will definitely add Buda Hills to my list for next time since I’m convinced there will be a next time!

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