One Day in Food, Caribbean Cruise Edition

This post is all about the food I consumed in one day during a Caribbean cruise.

To be exact…
Date: Friday, February 13, 2015 – Day 6
Ship: Adventure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean
: St. Maarten


I ate breakfast in the Windjammer Cafe on deck 11 while docked in St Maarten. Throughout the week I tried to sit as far aft as possible to get a bit of a view but the buffet was too busy this morning. breakfast plateWe rushed through breakfast in the hope of finding and joining an interesting tour so I took the hard-boiled egg with me. It turns out that tours that are not prebooked leave whenever a taxi fills, so rushing was unnecessary, but it did mean I had a lovely view in Marigot while eating that egg. It also means that I started breakfast in the Dutch side of the island and finished the food on the French side.

View of the open-air market in Marigot and beyond.

View of the open-air market in Marigot and beyond.


A little past noon we had made our way to Orient Beach. We took up residence at the Sun Beach Clubber. This was rather by default because it’s a little difficult to rent a beach chair at Orient Beach at that time of the day. In order to rent a chair at Sun Beach Clubber you must agree to eat there – not the best deal around but it worked out well for us. For lunch and the chair/umbrella/WiFi it was $35USD per person. I really wanted to try a guavaberry drink, the only local drink I knew about, but since it was unavailable at the Sun Beach I went with my friend’s choice of a piña colada. I ordered a mahi mahi burger but I think I would have enjoyed one of their specials better (tuna ceviche, flank steak, or lobster).

The view in front of the Sun Beach Clubber is quite spectacular when I think about it but as our chairs were three rows back and we sat even further inside during our meal, I don’t really associate the view with the time I was sitting there. FYI, I’ve cropped the photos I’ve posted of Orient Beach to avoid posting images of topless women without their permission! The nude side is a little further along but there isn’t much separating the two sides and some people don’t wait until they’ve reached the rocks that divide the two sides to remove their bottoms.

Looking left in front of the Sun Beach Clubber

Looking left in front of the Sun Beach Clubber

Looking right in front of the Sun Beach Clubber

Looking right in front of the Sun Beach Clubber

Not photographed from the Sun Beach Clubbber:  the ubiquitous rum punch What I really wanted to find at Orient Beach and later around Front Street in Philipsburg but couldn’t: ice cream! (Prepackaged bars were readily available.)


I hadn’t planned to but I ate dinner in the Main Dinner Room every night during the seven night cruise. The four other passengers at our table were easy-going and interesting so it really added something to my day to eat with them. I had been looking forward to this dinner because I knew from the head waiter that it would be lobster tail night (I annoyingly asked with persistence on day 3 until he told me!) and (1) I like lobster tail and (2) someone at our table had never tried lobster tail and I thought he would enjoy it. I started the meal with two pieces of bread: potato with sesame and white bread. I think I enjoy bread when I’m travelling because it’s basically the only time I eat butter. For my appetizer I had a chilled soup: roasted peach. There was a different cold soup every night of the cruise. This is the only one that I tried but someone else at the table enjoyed every one.

I decided to order two main courses: the fisherman’s plate and slow-roasted prime rib. To make room on the table I combined them into one plate of surf-and-turf. This was slightly too much food, which I guess it just about a normal amount when cruising. The main course(s) were good but not particularly memorable. The thing about main courses on this cruise is that the same dish is being prepared for hundreds of people so food is only mildly seasoned, which led me to crave more intense flavours and spices by the end of the trip. My table mate didn’t enjoy the lobster tail, in case you were wondering. And this made me a little sad because I don’t think it was the best serving of lobster to base his potentially-lifelong like/dislike of lobster tail on. And this made me think how easily we let things be decided for us sometimes – one bad serving of lobster or rapini or panna cotta and we never order it again.

surf 'n' turf For dessert I ordered two dishes: a Grand Marnier soufflé and a Baked Alaska. Someone told me that these are cruise ship dessert staples so I wanted both even though eating two main courses is very filling. The soufflé was fluffy and warm and it had a nice kick because of the Grand Marnier. The Baked Alaska, which I should have enjoyed because I had been searching for ice cream all afternoon, was underwhelming because the ice cream part suffered from freezer burn. I got about half way through but the other three people who ordered it at my table abandoned it pretty early.

Normally after the evening show I would have a snack from the Café Promenade on deck 5 or a drink in a lounge but I consumed too much food at dinner, which means my day in food ends here. When I got back to my cabin later that night I saw my favourite piece of towel art EVER. I almost don’t want to post it here because I’m sorry to ruin the surprise for anyone who will find this in their stateroom in the future but I would like to end this post on a high note, so here it is: towel art


5 thoughts on “One Day in Food, Caribbean Cruise Edition

  1. As I searched the tag “St. Maarten” on WordPress, just doing some research on my favorite island, your blog post was the first to appear.

    I instantly recognized the Sun Beach Clubber (my favorite place on Orient Beach) from your photos, so I clicked to look at your post. Then I saw the date of your post, February 13, 2015.

    I quickly realized I was sitting at the table right beside you, with my parents, as you took the photos of your food while you ate with another girl.

    I found this to be the craziest thing in the world! I could not help but share how crazy this was to me!

    Wonderful blog by the way (-:

    • That’s crazy and absolutely awesome! It makes me want to sing the “it’s a small world” song 🙂

      I remember you too – I think you guys asked about the ceviche platter and an order of fries for the table – obviously I had food on my mind that day!

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