Five Cities, Five Photos of Ice Cream

This is my second in, what I hope is, a long series of posts about ice cream. You see, I love ice cream. When I travel, I hunt it down. I look up best-of lists, keep an eye out for quirky looking shops, try unique flavours, and I’ll take a long line as a good sign. Although the fact is, I like ice cream so much, it doesn’t really matter. Some ice creams or better than others but I’ve never really had bad ice cream (although I’ve had really bad “frozen desserts”). Of the ice cream I managed to photograph, here are five of my best ice cream travel experiences of the past two years.

Granada, Nicaragua – Hotel con Corazón
February 2013: I probably ate ice cream every day during my visit to Nicaragua – it’s very hot there! – so I quickly learned that Nicaraguans sometimes refer to ice cream as “Eskimo” because that’s a popular brand there. My favourite ice cream in Nicaragua I didn’t have to seek out. It was served as part of a set menu at our hotel on the day I was too lazy to find a place to eat in town, proving that sometimes laziness pays off. It was a rich and flavourful vanilla, and while the caramelized bananas were nice, the ice cream was simply delicious on its own.

Portland, Oregon, USA – Salt & Straw
September 2013: Salt & Straw is on many “Best of Portland” lists. I was staying near their shop in the Alphabet District so I picked up a serving of their Freckled Woodblock Chocolate flavour before jumping on a streetcar and heading to the waterfront. The ice cream was light, the salt kicks-up the flavour a bit, and the waffle cone smelled amazing. Did I love it? Not that I remember. But it was good, uniquely Portland, and the flavour variety at Salt & Straw is spectacular, so I would definitely return and recommend a visit.

Şirince, Turkey
April 2014: I probably spent four hours in Şirince and most of that time was spent eating or drinking. There are a few places to get ice cream in the small village market, probably because the market is popular with tourists, but this was the most amusing stand. I think it’s goat’s milk ice cream but I’m not really sure. It’s just fun when a knife replaces a scoop.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Vaffelbageriet
November 2014: I mentioned Vaffelbageriet (The Waffle Bakery) in my last post about Tivoli. It was #9 on National Geographic’s 2011 list of the Top 10 Places to Eat Ice Cream. I’m fairly certain that ranking is more about the setting than the ice cream itself but it was certainly a very good ice cream in a very good waffle cone. It’s also the first time I tried black licorice ice cream – a flavour I didn’t immediately love but that I could definitely learn to like.

Reykjavik, Iceland – The Cafetaria at the Pearl (Perlan)
November 2014: I believe the flavour in the photo is pistachio. On a windy and wet day where I walked through most of the shopping/tourist district, and then walked past City Hall, a cemetery, and the bus terminal before I reached the Pearl, I delighted in every bite!


2 thoughts on “Five Cities, Five Photos of Ice Cream

    • Thanks for the recommendation and I hope you have a wonderful time in Iceland! I only had three days there and I can’t wait to visit again.

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