Eating Ice Cream with My Grandma – RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream

RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream

I love ice cream and there is no one I’d rather eat ice cream with than my grandma.  Today we tried Chapman’s RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream.  The ice cream was created during a Rick Mercer Report segment (hilarious and informative, as always) and proceeds from sales go to the charity Spread the Net.

My gran and I both scream for RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream!  It tastes surprisingly “light” (as much as ice cream can taste light) and the candied pie crust pieces provide an interesting kick.  The aftertaste is similar to the aftertaste of actual blueberries.  All-in-all, a unique yet familiar flavour that is definitely worth trying.  My grandma had two servings!

Good on Chapman’s for providing us with such a delicious way to support Spread the Net!

(Available across Canada – 1 litre container, $2.99 —Update 2015: I don’t think this is for sale anymore. I’ve seen it on clearance at three major grocery stores near me.)


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