A Piece of the Wildwood Trail, Portland

View of Portland from Pittock

On the first day of my visit to Portland this fall I grabbed a lovely view of the city from Pittock Mansion.  To get to Pittock I took the TriMet bus as close as possible and walked the rest of the way.  Although the Pittock Mansion website does warn that the journey from the bus stop is a half mile uphill walk, I had no conception of how much effort it would take me until I started walking—it’s one steep hill!  Maybe that’s why when I was ready to leave I decided to take the nearby trail instead of the road.  Knowing nothing about the trail I had no idea where exactly the trail would bring me.  I don’t usually recommend starting a trail without a map or at least a general sense of where it leads but I knew I would reach a road soon enough and I had my phone if I really did lose my way.  That trail turned out to be part of the Wildwood Trail and the path took me from Pittock Mansion to W Burnside Road in a too-brief 15 minutes.  Besides those moments when it seemed like I was the only one on the trail (which made the walk feel a lot longer), it was one lovely walk, even lovlier than the view of Portland from the top.   It was nice, at least for the length of my time on the Wildwood Trail, to truly understand I didn’t know where I was going and to know that I can be okay with that.

Learn more about the Wildwood Trail: City of Portland, Yelp, TripAdvisor


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