Omakase at ND Sushi

  1. Attentive service: We were a group of three so most dishes were served by two people; each dish explained; when I spilled soy sauce, server as-discreetly-as-possible wipped it up; tea refilled without needing to ask; good pacing between dishes.
  2. Beautiful, dish-specific tableware: Each course served in a different type of dish with the appropriate cultery arriving before each course.  This is clearly not necessary but it really speaks to how much thought is put into each dish.
  3. Fresh food that speaks for itself:


salad dish at ND Sushi NDSushi7thCourse NDSushiDessert Definitely wins the prize for my best meal in January!  Make a reservation and visit soon!

ND Sushi Omakase (chef’s choice/tasting menu) – 8 courses – give yourself at least 2.5 hours – (for menus and pricing) – 3 Baldwin Street, Toronto

Final Note: There are a lot of great restaurants on Baldwin between McCaul St and Beverley St but ND Sushi is one of the few worth travelling for.


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